Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not Destroyed!

It's quilted and bound... just have to check for loose threads and it's done! Look out Harriet Hargrave, here I come! Maybe in another 50 years or so...
The fabrics are organically grown and not dyed, the top quilting thread is organic. I used a conventional backing and bobbin thread because all I had left of the organic fabric was the plain off white. My machine quilting is not up for that yet.

Immediately after finishing this I started in on another slowly progressing project...this is kinda how it looked before..

I used an upcycled shirt from Listen, stenciled on some gesso, then painted with metallic paints. Now it is cut up because I didn't like how the shirt melted under the heat gun, but i really like the texture of the gesso on the shirt (velvety). Stay tuned!