Thursday, January 24, 2008


hey, i made art! ok, not really, but it's a start. I'm taking a class through with Sue Bleiweiss ( ). having a great time playing with fabric, paper and liquid things (paint and glue type things)

this one is from a book from 1907 called The Brass Bowl. Coming from a long line of librarians (ok, my mom was and my sister is. and i was the children's librarian at the town library when i was in middle school) it sure was hard to tear the pages. hopefully this is a better life for it than sitting on my shelf rotting.

this is a close up (duh) but the picture and caption from the book was kinda funny.

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Michele said...

I understand completely about the tearing up books thing--the first time I ripped a page out of an old book, I was pretty sure I would either be struck by lightning or have a heart attack. Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten much easier for me. Your paper is great, though!