Sunday, April 6, 2008

new class, new journal!

I'm taking a new online class with Sue Bleiweiss on just journal making. So much fun plus the other people in the class are wonderfully talented - they inspire me to work harder!

I took a couple days from trying to make a bimah cover to make this journal. I'm so glad i did. the bimah cover has possessed me from the get-go, but i have made no real progress on it. the journal cover is from one of the many failed attempts! the problem is trying to make it fit with competing interests... what it needs to be vs. what i would like to make. apparently those are not the same things.

anyhooo... this was a fun project and i now have one last idea for the bimah cover (it's supposed to be for the 10th anniversary celebration next saturday (ha!)) to go try.

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