Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holographic fiber art

Took a class yesterday from Wen Redmond on her Holographic Memories technique. Had a great time, such a great group of ladies and Wen is a wonderful teacher. She has the best laugh (which is an important skill with our group). We all went home with a finished, ready to hang work of art. I wrapped up mine and gave it to hubby who LOVED it. Wen put it on her blog which you can see here, it's the one at the top. It's a picture from a hike up Kearsarge in 2006. We had never hiked this one before, so we weren't familiar with the terrain. On the way down the kids went ahead to this point. I looked up, saw what seemed to be my precious children on the edge of a precipice. After panicking for just a split second, I thought, "What a fantastic picture!", and whipped out the camera. Priorities. When we caught up to them it wasn't nearly as dangerous as it had looked from the previous vantage point, so I was very glad not to have trusted my first primal instinct to protect my babies and instead had taken some snapshots! I love this picture and it carries with it some great summer memories.

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